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OJIS Trading and Transport, aspire to be one of the leading class service providers when it comes to real state and trading in Qatar. The organization provides versatile solutions for all industrial services. Press4news is one of the best news portals among gulf Malayalees and all the operations are managed by this group of companies. They seems to believe in a successful business by seeking potentials from the people. Thus enabling to create vast ideas and quires from the  customer to get good client satisfaction and positive feedback.


PRESS4NEWS  is one of the leading online news portals published from Qatar covering news from every part of GCC as it happens and also news from around the world. We provide the best news app & WhatsApp broadcasting in Malayalam, English, Hindi & Tamil with comprehensive coverage of news equally focusing on lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports, Business, etc. Get regular updates with the happenings in Qatar and other GCC through Press4news’s all-new mobile app, News portal & WhatsApp broadcasting messages.

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